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Ouvreur pour le plus grand club d’escalade de Norvège

1234567€ Paris, Åsane Arena, Åsane Senter 60, 5130 Nyborg, NORWAY

Would you like to bring Bergen Climbing Club to new heights?

Climbing as a sport and Bergen Climbing club (BK) are growing, and we are therefore looking for a professional route setter for our team. In Bergen Climbing Club you will work in a team responsible for ensuring that the routes and boulders are of the highest quality in our locations. We wish that the routes in our climbing facilities are of international standard.

The club aims to create the best offer for climbing in Norway – both in terms of scope, variety and in the quality of the routes.

While we work to expand the the climbing sport, where everyone who wants to climb gets opportunities to do so in an inclusive club environment, we also set high goals for ourselves to become a learning and competent organisation, thus giving more climbers the opportunity to achieve ambitious goals. It will therefore be important to work closely with the coaching team to facilitate routes and training opportunities at all levels, from small children, via recreational climbers, to upcoming rock stars.

This is a unique opportunity for an exciting, educational, varied and challenging job. We are looking for a person with a broad experience as a route setter and a burning interest in climbing and working with people. The training facilities and quality of the climbing wall are especially important, but also interaction with coaches and involvement in the training work is something we want to emphasize.

Responsibilities and tasks include:

1. Route setting at a high level (8a routes, 7C boulders) to ensure high quality to all of our clients – from width to elite.

2. Cooperation with other route setters and coaches.

3. Create a safe sporting environment for children and teenagers.

4. Help to increase the competence of the club's coaches and increase the quality of training.


- High competence and long experience as route setter. International experience will be prioritized.

- Competence to set routes of varied range, both in terms of grade and style.

- Experience from setting routes for international competitions at IFSC standards preferable.

- High work ethic and implementation power.

- Being structured and have the ability to both work independently and in teams.

- Responsible and interested in contributing to the planning of work and in the development of the climbing club.

- Be familiar with HSE requirements related to professional route setting.

- Have a general experience with customer service and the ability to contribute to a pleasant environment both for climbers and colleagues.

60 - 80% fixed position.

Working hours will be flexible and evening and weekend work must be considered. Maximum 3 setting days per week on a normal schedule. You will be trained to contribute if needed both at the reception and as a coach for our training groups. Quality of life for our employees is important and as an employer the club will facilitate a good working environment with room for learning and development for all our staff. Salary levels will be suitable for sustaining a comfortable lifestyle in Norway.

Deadline for application: ASAP

About the club

Bergen Climbing Club was established in 1978 and we are Norways largest climbing club with around 3500 members. We are part of the Norwegian Climbing Federation. Our members are. 40% female and 60% male and of all ages and abilities. In total we have around 70 employees (23 MY) and a revenue of approx. 19 million NOK in 2023.

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